Introduction to our firm

We are a leading Mexican law firm based in Mexico City. Since 1987, González Calvillo has rewritten the model of the full-service law firm by growing steadily whilst very selectively. Long-standing competitors of our firm have witnessed us surpass them qualitatively, in staffing capabilities, and broad scope of work we are able to take on. All of our practice areas have accredited performance for constancy and novelty and are headed by professionals of the highest caliber. Though our clients include various Fortune 500 companies, we are well diversified and represent a blend of local and multinational corporations, domestic and international financial institutions, governments and governmental entities and individuals.

Main principles of our culture

Our firm is based upon “true partnership” principles where all members of the firm share institutionally on the benefits generated by each other. In addition to the legal thinking and knowledge expected from any lawyer, we encourage and incentivize a business vision to create added value for our clients, and are trained to proactively detect opportunities for them and assist in their development and implementation. We are known for being unconventional and, in a way, different. We intend to keep it that way.

Our team

We have a broad, solid, and energetic partnership base of twenty and close to eighty dedicated lawyers comprise our legal team. We are commended for our ability to build fluid cross-disciplinary teams in the most challenging and sophisticated transactions. Most of our lawyers have received a portion of their academic legal training in the United States or Europe and many of them have worked as foreign associates in highly prestigious global law firms. We provide almost two hundred direct employments and are proud about it.