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The environment, agrarian and social impact team is composed by highly qualified lawyers who have focused their legal practice in environment, social impact, agrarian, mining and administrative matters, including all the regulatory aspects thereof.

We provide comprehensive environmental and regulatory services to Mexican and foreign clients in domestic and cross-border matters, including the design and implementation of environmental strategies and self-regulatory measures for them to comply with their legal obligations depending on their activities, including mandatory environmental, natural resources, climate change and social impact provisions.

Our legal work includes advising clients through legal opinions, representing them before competent authorities in administrative proceedings and in jurisdictional procedures, including class actions, claim procedures related with administrative sanctions, among others.

We have brought a preventive approach to the legal practice, helping our clients develop sustainable projects and businesses, and thus, to save costs by preventing fines, closures or suspension of activities caused by the lack of compliance with their obligations.

A core part of our practice is advising with the assessment of social impact and risks, including the social aspects of projects, the preparation of social studies for the implementation of social risk assessments, as well as through the development of public queries and public meetings within the Environmental Impact Assessment process in terms of the applicable legal provisions.

Considering our 30 years of experience in the field, we have witnessed the evolution of the legal framework and that of the competent authorities as it has evolved; being able to foresee changes, understand the rationale behind them and help our clients adapt in a seamless fashion. Moreover, we have strengthened our ties with the local and foreign legal community, being actively involved in the environmental committees of the Mexican Bar Association (BMA), the National Corporate Counsel Association (ANADE) and the International Bar Association (IBA).

We often work in multidisciplinary teams in collaboration with other practice areas to provide comprehensive solutions, as well as with renowned third-party technical consultancy firms operating in Mexico.

On a day to day basis, we help our clients process, obtain and renew licenses, permits, authorizations and concessions, at a federal, state and municipal level, both for the startup of operations and also for the cancellation of environmental licenses for companies that have been shut down.

We have ample experience in environmental due diligence procedures, identifying environmental risks and contingencies for our clients in the projects being pursued by them. Our team, is also involved in transactions and agreements involving environmental matters, providing assistance in projects related to the generation and trading of carbon credits, counseling on applicable national and international rules, and evaluating risks and responsibilities in connection with the eligibility and sustainability of different transactions and projects. Moreover, we have experience in the development and structuring of projects within the Clean Development Mechanism established by the Kyoto Protocol.

Our services include, among others: administrative environmental litigation; environmental impact and risk; natural resources; air; environmental legislation and standards; lobbying; arbitration; environmental liabilities; noise; biodiversity; federal maritime zone; oil and gas; biotechnology; fisheries; permitting; climate change and emissions trading; forestry; public consultations; corporate environmental strategies; health and safety; public hearings; remediation; energy; inspection procedures; solutions to social and environmental conflicts; environmental audits; maritime law; soil; environmental businesses; mediation; water management; environmental criminal defense; mining; waste.

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