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Our Practice

The firm offers legal advice on health regulation matters and the protection of the human right to Health. We advise our clients in regulatory compliance for the import, marketing, distribution, storage, advertising, and sale of products such as drugs, medical devices, food supplements, food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products. In addition, we offer legal consultation regarding regulatory issues applicable to cannabis products and derivatives, toxic substances, fertilizers and pesticides, plant nutrients, telemedicine, sugary or energy drinks, as well as innovative and technological products. Similarly, we advise on aspects related to import, transport, storage, advertising, labeling and compliance with Official Mexican Standards.

Our practice includes conducting legal audits to identify contingencies related to health issues, as well as detecting potential legal breaches. Risk analyses are performed regarding the operation of regulated establishments such as hospitals and health clinics, laboratories, X-ray cabinets, doctor’s offices, medical supplies, and health supplies production facilities. Similarly, we carry out work related to pharmaceutical facilities for the production of drugs, as well as food and beverage production plants, industrial kitchens, face-to-face or remote medical services companies, as well as any other establishment regulated by the Mexican General Health Law and its Regulations.

We also offer consultancy and representation services in administrative procedure matters and defense strategies against rulings issued by health authorities.

Our practice’s experience, together with the support of other teams across the firm allows us to provide our clients comprehensive legal avenues, thus favoring their projects and allowing for the correct operation in Mexico.

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