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Our Practice

We counsel national and international clients from diverse industries, in administrative, regulatory and constitutional matters, both in consulting and in strategic litigation to guarantee the protection to their rights and interests.

The firm’s experience includes representing clients in any type of controversy before administrative authorities, including in administrative proceedings, contentious procedures both at the local and federal level, as well as constitutional litigation, through constitutional relief proceeding (amparo) against laws, regulations, regulatory measures, decrees and administrative acts.

In addition to the above, we also advice on government procurement matters, counseling our clients with the procedures as well as the implementation of defense mechanisms against public bid rules, rulings, sanctions (disqualifications and fines), administrative rescission, among others.

Our practice group lawyers are regularly involved in the following matters, among others:

  • Concessions permits and authorizations in highly regulated areas.
    • Advisory, support, lobbing, applications and procedure to obtain such titles.
  • Strategy and defense before the issuing authority of administrative acts.
  • Litigation before the Federal Administrative Court.
  • Litigation before the Local Courts.
  • Highly specialized advisory and litigation before the Federal Courts, including the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice.
    • Amparo procedure and remedies derived.
    • Constitutional disputes among Powers of the Federation (Controversias Constitucionales)
  • Regulatory advisory.
    • Compliance advisory regarding concession, permit or authorization obligations.
    • Public Partnership Projects Agreements.
    • Public law & regulatory disputes.
    • Data protection.
    • Consumer protection.
  • Strategy and revision to challenge laws and general rules in intensively regulated industries though a Constitutional Amparo procedure (Amparo Directo/ Indirecto):
    • Telecommunications.
    • Broadcasting and media.
    • Energy.
    • Banking.
  • Public procurement proceedings. Analysis of public bids.
    • Advice to Government Agencies regarding public bids.
    • Draft questions and/or explanations for the clarification meetings.
    • Challenge or defense of the decision.