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New Minimum Wage Policy 2019

On December 2018, the National Minimum Wage Commission (CONSAMI in its Spanish acronym) agreed and announced that as of January 1, 2019 the National General Minimum Wage will be $102.68 pesos per day, which represents an increase of 16.20%.

This sum was determined starting from the current Minimum Wage of $88.36 pesos per day, added by a nominal increase in pesos through the Independent Amount of Recovery (MIR in its Spanish acronym) of $9.43 pesos per day and considering a percentage adjustment linked to the inflation of 5%.

In addition, a new Economic Zone was established for the border strip with the United States consisting of municipalities located in the immediate 25 kilometers to the northern border and some adjoining to them, in which case the increase to the minimum wage is of 100%, resulting in a Minimum Wage of $176.72 pesos in this area for 2019.

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