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Doing Business in: Mexico 2021

Gonzalez Calvillo is pleased to publish the updated version of The Legal 500 Doing Business in Mexico Guide 2022. The article spans a variety of topics including the new labor reform, the current trends in consumer behavior, and the on-going Fintech drive.

“Arising mostly out of the COVID-19 pandemic and a continuation of governmental policies aimed primarily to shift away from structural reforms approved by previous administrations, the economic and business landscape in Mexico has continued under stress for the most part of 2021. Summer of 2021 culminated with midterm elections which balanced the political party majorities in Mexican congress, giving the opposition greater negotiation power given the loss of a qualified majority by the governing party. Election results were generally accepted and generated an important momentum for investors’ trust in Mexico.”

Read the whole article here.

About Gonzalez Calvillo

For over 30 years, Gonzalez Calvillo has been at the forefront of the legal market in Mexico as a full-service leading law firm due to its transactional core and expertise in a wide range of practice areas. The firm is recognized for its ability to build cross-disciplinary teams for the most complex legal challenges and long track record of successfully providing groundbreaking business and regulatory advice to high profile domestic and international companies. Often described as a pioneer of the Mexican legal services industry, the firm is known for its commitment to do things differently, bespoke solutions, and creating transformational legal changes that enable clients achieving their objectives.

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