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GC Insights – Sustainability in Mexico’s Tourism Sector

The world is facing a pandemic with unprecedented impact. This represents, on the one hand, a threat to countries’ different economic sectors, and on the other hand, a new set of challenges and opportunities that the countries shall reflect upon and reorganize to adapt to the new normal. The tourism sector is one of the most affected by this crisis and one which needs urgent support to save jobs and guarantee a market capacity.

The tourism sector is of great importance, as the result of global cooperation efforts which provide opportunities for the development and promotion of countries’ cultural and natural heritage. However, as containing the pandemic has been the top priority, the travel and tourism sector has committed to supporting the measures adopted to stop the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its effects in the lives of the people.

In this regard, we have prepared a document related with sustainability in Mexico’s Tourism Sector. Click here to read more.

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