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Labor Reform 2019 is Approved- gradual implementation

Labor Reform 2019 is Approved- gradual implementation

On April 11, 2019, Mexico´s Lower House of Congress approved a Reform to the Federal Labor Law, which is expected to be published on May 1st, in the Federal Official Gazette (DOF).

It is important to state that the most farreaching effects of the reform will not be immediate. Therefore, herein below we specify the time period for the Reform’s implementation, as set forth in the transitional provisions thereof:

  • 180 days for the enactment of the Organic Law of the new Federal Conciliation and Labor Registry Center (CFCRL).
  • 2 years until the start of operations of the new CFCRL.
  • The Arbitration and Conciliation Labor Boards will continue to have registry responsibilities until the CFCRL starts its operations.
  • 1 year after the CFCRL starts operations, union files and registries, as well as collective agreements must be transferred.
  • 3 years for the Conciliation Authority and the new Labor Courts to start operations.
  • Trials initiated before the Arbitration and Conciliation Labor Boards will be adjudicated by them, as well as any new trials until the Local and Federal Labor Courts begin hearing cases.
  • Existing Collective Bargaining Agreements must be reviewed in accordance to the new provisions at least once during the 4 years that follow the Reform decree, also in accordance to the new procedure.

The terms mentioned above will start from the date of the Reform’s decree publication in the DOF.

We look forward to the publication of the Labor Reform to inform you about the scope thereof and the events we will organize for such purposes.

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