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Juan Carlos Peraza
Juan Carlos Peraza

Juan Carlos Peraza



For over twenty years, Juan Carlos has focused his practice on telecommunications law, constitutional litigation -amparo and constitutional controversies- and administrative law.

Regarding telecommunications, his work includes regulatory consulting for telecommunications operators; obtaining concessions and authorizations that allow the provision of telecommunications services and the exploitation of the radio spectrum.

He has extensive experience in administrative litigation highly specialized in telecommunications and economic competition, in front of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications and the Federal Commission of Economic Competition.

He has successfully represented clients before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in complex constitutional litigation.

Before joining the firm in 2015, he served as Director of Regulation and Litigation at Televisa Telecom (2010 to 2015); Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs at the telecommunications company Avantel (1997 to 2008) and Litigation Manager at Industrias Unidas, S.A. of C.V. (1992 to 1997) in charge of the department of civil, labor, commercial, insolvency and criminal litigation.


  • Represented Telefónica in the defense in the amparo proceeding against the highest fine, hitherto imposed by the autonomous constitutional body -IFT- in the telecommunications sector ($ 411 million pesos) for alleged infringements of the quality levels of the service
  • Represented Maxcom in the defense in the amparo proceeding against a fine of $ 36 million pesos) for alleged infractions of service quality plans
  • Represented AT & T, Telefonica and Maxcom. Administrative defense before the Tax Administration Service and negotiation tables before the Federal Taxpayer Attorney’s Office for tax credits
  • Represented Telefónica and AT & T in the defense before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in order to ensure that the interconnection fees were not applied retroactively, as a result of the unconstitutionality of the so-called “zero tariff” in terms of interconnection, which would have impacted the telecommunications industry approximately 1,500 million dollars in case a favorable ruling had been issued to Telcel that would allow the retroactive application of the interconnection rate.
  • Represented Metro Net in the administrative defense of the absence of the need to register model adhesion contracts for the exclusive provision of wholesale services (interpretation of article 193 of the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law)
  • Represented Telefónica in the defense through amparo proceedings of the differentiation of tariffs made in 2016 in the payment of fees for bands of the radioelectric spectrum for the provision of mobile telecommunications services. Currently pending resolution by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation with a draft resolution favorable to Telefónica


Postgraduate degree in Amparo, Universidad Panamericana, Ciudad de México, México (2013) Law degree (J.D. equivalent), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad de México, México (1997)


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