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Recap: Environmental Compliance: more than regulatory compliance

On June 9th, Gonzalez Calvillo held the webinar “Environmental Compliance: more than regulatory compliance” This event was presented as a tribute to Leopoldo Burguete Stanek †, for his career and dedication to the environmental area.

Environmental compliance implies compliance with environmental protection regulations, as well as the implementation of a management system that helps to identify and prevent environmental risks in the company. But environmental compliance must include a strategy aimed at achieving a sustainable economy that goes beyond mere legal requirements, by adapting to international policies to combat climate change. Going beyond simple regulatory compliance on the part of the company, not only responds to ethical standards, but will mitigate regulatory risks for companies, ensure their good reputation, access markets based on sustainable finance and, ultimately, align the company in the development of economically sustainable activities.

You can watch the webinar here.


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